Tuesday, September 25, 2018
About Us  
About Us

Menlo Employees...
  Include professionals with extensive contact center systems integration experience. Our employees possess intimate knowledge of the full range of customer contact technologies, including Avaya's Interaction Center, Operational Analyst, Contact Center Express and many other CRM solutions. In addition, Menlo has hands-on experience with the industry leading telecommunications platform from Avaya, the Avaya Communication Manager.
Menlo Core Competencies...
  • Client Desktop applications
  • Web application and services development
  • Outlook plug-ins
  • AutoCad plug-ins 
  • Custom Desktops/Interfaces such as OLE, DDE, ActiveX, Java, .NET, SOAP, XML, HTTP and Web Services 
  • Computer Languages, Operating Systems, and interfaces such as MS.Net C#, Visual Basic, C, Visual C++, XML, HTML, Javascript, ASP, Windows

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