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Release 2.0 of Email Contact Center

Menlo Software is excited about the release of Version 2.0 of Email Contact Center. In addition to Email Contact Centerís richness of features, a key reason a company would choose Email Contact Center over a competing product is price. This powerful solution provides features such as message thread management, load balancing, intelligent routing and Content Analysis for a fraction of the total integration cost of similar competing products. Email Contact Center services can be kept on a single server for a small Contact Center or expanded over multiple servers for multi-site, Enterprise-wide solutions that may cover the globe and accommodate limitless routing and agents working at the same time. As the volume of emails coming in to the Contact Center increases, the software components can be placed on different servers to load-balance the solution thereby allowing for exponential growth. Email Contact Center is a solution that can grow with the companyís business, at an affordable price.

Customer testimonial
"Menlo Software continues to surpass expectations each and every time we have engaged their expertise. They turn my concepts into a product reality and business opportunity"

Steve Hollingsworth
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Menlo Employees...
  Include professionals with extensive contact center systems integration experience. Our employees possess intimate knowledge of the full range of customer contact technologies, including Avaya's Interaction Center, Operational Analyst, Contact Center Express and many other CRM solutions. In addition, Menlo has hands-on experience with the industry leading telecommunications platform from Avaya, the Avaya Communication Manager.
Menlo Core Competencies...
  • Cisco IPCC Express

  • CTI Middleware and APIs: Avaya Interaction Center and Contact Center Express, CSTA, TSAPI, JTAPI, TAPI

  • ACDs and related technologies such as Avaya Communication Manager

  • Custom Desktops/Interfaces such as OLE, DDE, ActiveX, Java, .NET, SOAP, XML, HTTP and Web Services

  • Computer Languages, Operating Systems, and interfaces such as MS.Net, VB, C, Visual C++, XML, HTML, Javascript, VXML, PowerBuilder, PHP, UNIX, J2EE, ASP, Java, JSP, Solaris, Windows, Linux

  • Host Interfaces like Attachmate Extra, IBM MQ Series, Rhumba, Reflections, IBM Client Access, Hummingbird, Tuxedo, plus other 3270 emulation databases such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Access, DB2, Informix, and Sybase
    General Description...
      Unlimited designated client contacts (usually technical POC at central location and one at each call center location) Available for support via telephone, email, web, or fax
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