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Release 2.0 of Email Contact Center

Menlo Software is excited about the release of Version 2.0 of Email Contact Center. In addition to Email Contact Center’s richness of features, a key reason a company would choose Email Contact Center over a competing product is price. This powerful solution provides features such as message thread management, load balancing, intelligent routing and Content Analysis for a fraction of the total integration cost of similar competing products. Email Contact Center services can be kept on a single server for a small Contact Center or expanded over multiple servers for multi-site, Enterprise-wide solutions that may cover the globe and accommodate limitless routing and agents working at the same time. As the volume of emails coming in to the Contact Center increases, the software components can be placed on different servers to load-balance the solution thereby allowing for exponential growth. Email Contact Center is a solution that can grow with the company’s business, at an affordable price.

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"Menlo Software continues to surpass expectations each and every time we have engaged their expertise. They turn my concepts into a product reality and business opportunity"

Steve Hollingsworth
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Menlo Email Contact Center       Brochure PDF (.pdf)       Product Description PDF (.pdf)
  Email Contact Center is an email distribution system for use in inbound and outbound contact center environments. The technology is designed to either complement existing inbound/outbound email and telephony call centers or to function as the sole method of customer contact for ‘email only’ contact centers.
Menlo QA                                            Brochure PDF (.pdf)
  Menlo QA ("Quality Assurance") is a plug-in to Outlook to allow emails being received or sent to be stored in a database and evaluated for Quality Assurance. Managers can setup filters on emails that are sent out. If the email does not pass these filters it will be routed to the Manager for review. The Manager can then either accept the email, which will allow its delivery, or reject it thereby leaving it in the database for further review.
Menlo Encryption
  The Menlo Encryption module can be used to pass files back and forth between users in a private manner. A user can encrypt any type file with a password. The file can then be emailed as an attachment or delivered through some other means to another user. Once the file is received by the other user, he can decrypt it, if he knows the password, by using this same Menlo Encryption module. The result is that personal and confidential files can be passed back and forth securely.
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